How To : Light, Calligraphy And Photography (Light Graffiti)

Few weeks earlier, we saw some fantastic LIGHTGRAFF work (Light, Calligraphy And Photography) by Julien Breton. We even wondered how it was done and even let our thoughts believe that it could be yet another wonder of Photoshop. But NO, It is done how I actually thought it was … i.e with the shutter of a SLR Camera left open for a long time … If you think about it deep, it is a complete science and believe it or not many around the world are actually purely into LIGHT-GRAFFITI as a full fledged profession and a serious hobby.

Watch this video where Julien Breton explians (In FRENCH 🙂 ) on his LightGraff work …

Another Lightgraff Guru Michael Bosanko @ work : –
A behind the scenes tutorial from light graffiti artist Michael Bosanko, in which the he explains how to create your own light graffiti images, as part of the launch of a new TV advertising campaign

Here is another fabulous implementations of Light-Graffiti …

Peter’s calligraphy was a stand against the march of technology

Excerpt from a

Self-employed publisher Peter Drinkwater from Shipston with examples of his delicate handwriting skills.

“Every letter Peter Drinkwater of Shipston writes is a protest against progress,” the Journal reported 20 years ago, “and everyone who has received a letter from him won’t even throw the envelope away.”

The report of 1990 continued: “As an accomplished calligrapher Mr Drinkwater uses exquisite colours and a delicate hand that stretches the elegance of 16th century handwriting across each letter and each envelope. The stamp in the right- hand corner alone identifies his letters with the 20th century “According to Mr Drinkwater, his skills hark back to a time when writing was done with a high degree of care – good handwriting was a point of etiquette.

…. read more

“Friends and acquaintances, both locally and as far as Australia, receive letters from Mr Drinkwater.

“And as one lady from Lower Lemington says, she would never dream of throwing her envelopes away.”

Zoomorphic Calligraphy

Zoomorphic Calligraphy established itself only relatively late in Islamic art, when the taboos outlawing religious iconography had lost some of their power. It is an art developed in Ottoman Turkey, India and Qajar Iran. People say, it was known as early as 1458. Most of the below zoomorphic and anthropomorphic optical illusions were done by talented artist, named Hassan Musa from Sudan.

hassan-musa-dhassanspamusaspac1hassan-musahassanspamusaspabhassan-musahassan musahorse

Hassan Musa is a Sudanese artist who works and lives in Domessargues in the south of France…

Light, Calligraphy And Photography

Here is a brilliant , hard-to-imagine technique, bringing two excellent arenas into a single domain …Call it simply Calligraphy using Photography or anything else you like … Its perfect Ballet of Light, at  the perfect exposure …. I call it “Awesome” .

“PoĂ©sie” – Pol’n – Nantes – 2007
calligraphy and photography : Julien Breton


“Vivre libre” – Amphithéâtre de Fourvière – 2008
Calligraphy : Julien Breton – Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson


“Kata” – Atelier de Brusk Lyon – 2008
Calligraphy : Julien Breton – Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson


“Songe” – Palais idĂ©al du facteur Cheval – 2008
Calligraphy : Julien Breton – Kaalam
Photography : G.J. Plisson


“Le savoir” Saint-MĂ©en Les folies Siffay – 2007
Calligraphy : Julien Breton – Kaalam
Photo : G.J. Plisson

P.S. My mouth is still open :O

Gurbani rendered in calligraphy

Amritsar, Dec 28 (ANI): Hardeep Singh, an artist in Amritsar, has drafted the Gurbani, the Sikh scriptures in calligraphy.

He said he undertook the work because he had not seen anybody doing it before.

“It has been almost a year. The response has been great. Calligraphy means beautiful writing. The art originated in England. I have not seen anybody drafting Gurbani in calligraphy that is why I decided to undertake it,” said Hardeep Singh.

His father, Surindra Singh, himself a collector of art antique’s, helping him with his new venture.

“We have preserved the invaluable pieces of art. Though it is duty of the government to preserve it. We also have some illustrated materials. If government wants I can give it to them,” said Surindra Singh.

Hardeep Singh is a computer teacher by profession, but an artist by heart. He prints the borderline of the page on computer and writes the verses of Gurvani with his hands.

He is the great grandson of Bhai Gian Singh Naqqash, who worked on a portion of the sanctum sanctorum in the Golden Temple. (ANI)

Read more:

Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy

On weekends Achyut Palav School of Calligraphy conducts sessions dedicated to Devnagri & Roman for those who cannot accommodate batches in the week. On weekends, other Indian scripts like Modi, Urdu & foreign language like Japanese. Special session & workshops like manuscript studies & creativity building will be conducted all year round. The school is also equipped with a calligraphy shop & a library.

read more …

Portions of Benedictines’ hand-created Saint John’s Bible on display in Tacoma

I saw this picture in the Seattle Times website and kept gawking at it for some time … Even though it is reasonable a simple style , well calligraphed Italics , looks great …

Scribes working on The Saint John’s Bible created their own goose-feather quills. Quills are more supple than metal pens and allow the ink to flow freely, producing fine hairlines at the end of strokes.

Glimpses from Callifest 2008

Callifest 2008  was organised at  Sir J. J. School of Art Campus, Dr. D. N. Road, Mumbai , between 15th to 21st Dec. 2008. This fest included an EXHIBITION ,  DEMONSTRATION ,  WORKSHOP  and  LECTURES  on the ART of Calligraphy. Here are a few pictures from the Exhibition … 


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