The straight holder ferrules are usually made of ferrous metal , which tends to rust over a period of time, and based the weather conditions like humidity , moisture etc, Unless you have one of those steel ones from Yoke Pen Co. You can get it here Even inks can cause damage to these ferrules. If taken right care of , these ferrules could last for a long time .

In the event of the ferrule getting damaged for whatever reason. It could be replaced with a new one. I don’t know much about other pen makers but I tend NOT to stick the ferrule to the straight holder and can be easily pulled out for storage when not in use or for general maintenance.

General Maintenance :
* Remove the ferrule from the holder when not for prolonged period , spray it with some anti-rust (WD40) and store it separately.
* If the ferrule on you holder is fixed then at least spray some anti-rust on it at intervals (once in a couple of months)

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