For most of us pointed pen calligraphy enthusiasts , our favourite nibs so no doubt has been Hunt 101, Brause EF66 and Leonardt Principal etc. and there is denying it. But for beginners it could be very dear to spend on these nibs. Off late there has been quite a few vintage European, especially French nibs or Plumes as it is called in French 🙂 , that are good for pointed pen calligraphy and compares well with our above all time favorite’s…

One that stands out currently is the Blanzy-Poure Conti Gilbert #2552 Cementée … dont you just love French Names 😉 … Most who have tried it , vouch that its performance is like Principality and is very flexible and sharp too.

A few other nibs that I have had the pleasure of trying and compares well with the popular pointed flex nibs are …

A few more that are possible candidates to try are…

  • Baignol & Farjon No. 0165 F, Hors Concours
  • Baignol & Farjon No. 440 EF, Congo
  • Baignol & Farjon No. 567 EF
  • Baignol & Farjon No. 583 EF, Agenda
  • Baignol & Farjon No. 644, Plume Reseau
  • Blanzy Poure & Cie No. 72 fine St. Georges
  • Blanzy Poure & Cie No. 103, Penna Parlamento
  • Blanzy Poure & Cie No. 160, Plume Tremplin
  • Blanzy Poure & Cie No. 161, Plume Regulateur
  • Blanzy Poure & Cie No. 552, Plume Departementale
  • Blanzy Poure & Cie No. 755 EF Atlantique
  • Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure No. 29, Lance
  • Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure No. 160, Plume Tremplin
  • Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure No. 730 EF, Plume Princesse
  • Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure No. 752
  • Gilbert & Blanzy-Poure No. 993, Plume Chicago



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