How To : Light, Calligraphy And Photography (Light Graffiti)

Few weeks earlier, we saw some fantastic LIGHTGRAFF work (Light, Calligraphy And Photography) by Julien Breton. We even wondered how it was done and even let our thoughts believe that it could be yet another wonder of Photoshop. But NO, It is done how I actually thought it was … i.e with the shutter of a SLR Camera left open for a long time … If you think about it deep, it is a complete science and believe it or not many around the world are actually purely into LIGHT-GRAFFITI as a full fledged profession and a serious hobby.

Watch this video where Julien Breton explians (In FRENCH 🙂 ) on his LightGraff work …

Another Lightgraff Guru Michael Bosanko @ work : –
A behind the scenes tutorial from light graffiti artist Michael Bosanko, in which the he explains how to create your own light graffiti images, as part of the launch of a new TV advertising campaign

Here is another fabulous implementations of Light-Graffiti …

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