Achyut Ramchandra Palav

achyutpalavIf you speak about Calligraphy in India and do not mention “Achyut Palav” , the conversation will not be probably considered complete. I have been following his work, especially Devnagri Calligraphy, which is a weak area for me. If not for Achyut Palav, I believe that there would be much of a Calligraphy scene in India. This signature, is itself a fine piece of calligraphy.

A G.D Art from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, Palav has expressively used the Devnagri & English scripts in his works over the years. But his love has been the depths of Devnagri scripts, and especially, its avatar in Maharashtra – a region known for durable and enriching literary tradition. Music & other such performing arts have inspired him to make innovative & bold demonstrations with Musicians, Dancers, singers & like. He passes on the same enthusiasm to budding artists through his demos & highly interactive workshops which are held regularly at his studio in Mumbai (visit his website for more details).



Achyut Palav’s personal site

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  • Prachi Says:


    I am a big fan of Achyut sir’s calligraphy!

    I want to learn devnagari marathi caligraphy. Is there any online facility available for marathi sulekhan?


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